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Rates are up! Refinance? If you can because something is always better than nothing, right?…

You bet it is… when we were kids, we’d ask mom for some cookies. There’d always be a compromise on the number we’d get and we’d rarely get as many as we wanted as mom would win the battle by saying “something is better than nothing, right?”, well, isn’t that right? That applies to life as we know it today as well especially now in the mortgage market. While rates climb lately there are still chances to save money and there is nothing wrong with that. I’m working on a refinance this month for a couple that is going to save about $240 on their monthly mortgage payment. It works for them and it could work for you. If you’ve been thinking about refinancing and weren’t convinced it was worth it or you procrastinated, don’t fret. Rates are still GREAT! Take advantage now. One other moral to the story… What do you get if you don’t ask at all? No Cookie. There are thousands of eligible borrowers out there that could be saving hundreds a year or even month that just don’t know what to do and are like deer in headlights. Pick up the phone (or e-mail me) and talk to me about what a refinance could do for you and your family TODAY. If we lock in and the rates get better we might also be able to do a float down. Make the most of your situation and make the call. It takes 5 minutes. I don’t have to run a credit check if really don’t think I can help you save money at first. I don’t even collect and application fee unless we actually close a loan so you’ve got nothing to lose by simply just reaching out to me. Call from the car on the way to work or from home. Shoot me an e-mail any time. I’m easy to get in touch with and despite my obviously direct approach I’m open to discussion, a good listener and I realize we both win only when you come out ahead. If it doesn’t work for you we don’t do the loan… It’s that simple

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